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Producing content for Kipling since 2014, we've been helping them reposition themselves in an increasingly online environment.

This film is just one example of how we create content to build brand awareness. See here for more film.

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We create images specifically for online use, to fulfil the increasing demands of social media.

Working with several photographers, we are able to cover various styles such as lifestyle, campaign and product benefit focus.

Social posts

With the film and photography content we create, we make an entire portfolio of social posts for every season. Types of posts include:

  • Collection albums
  • Interaction posts
  • Product feature posts
  • Campaign posts
  • Inspirational
  • Games
Facebook album post Kipling


Every season we design an entire feed of email newsletters using a combination of campaign photography, packshots and the imagery we create.

As mobile-first continues to be a dominating trend, responsive design is used for effective readability on both mobile and desktop.

Responsive newsletter graphic design

Website design

While designing various landing pages, we created a wireframe grid with interchangeable row elements to help streamline the production process, making it more efficient when creating new landing pages and adjusting existing ones.

Landing pages Kipling