Boeckie logo with tagline

Sustainable fashion label BOECKIE creates tops for women who are paving their own way, shaping culture, creating the future, and inspiring their communities.

When they came to us they were ready for the next step: getting to market with a fresh and professional rebranding.

Together we got to work on a set of brand guidelines, updated their logo with a brainstormed tagline and created photography for their online communications.

Pinpointing a theme, 'free expression for all voices', we wove this concept throughout the brand guidelines by specifying the look of models, subject of accompanying illustrations and styling in general.

Boeckie illustration by Dewi Vermeltvoort
Boeckie illustration by Dewi Vermeltvoort

As part of the launch, BOECKIE asked us to create a series of illustrations which could be used for exclusive embroidery orders. We commissioned Bali based designer and illustrator Dewi Vermeltvort to create 4 unique illustrations in her style.

BOECKIE as brand was already strong in their sustainable circular promise. We drew attention to that promise in the tagline 'fullcircle'. Simple, powerful, to the point.

Using the new guidelines, we created the first bundle of photography for the upcoming collection. A true preview and test of how the guidelines would work.

Thanks to a wonderful team of designers, stylists, photographer and other sustainable fashion colleagues, the rebranding was officially ready and handed over to the client so they could continue their journey with a fresh outlook and plan of action.

BOECKIE logo with founder Stefanie Boekman

Special thanks to:

Carmen Huisman: brandbook design
Dewi Vermeltvort: illustration
Appie Busser: photography
Renske Versluijs: styling

Collaborating brands seen above

Outfit : Black blouse
Earings: Karin Wichers

Outfit : White blouse
Trousers: brand Frisur borrowed from the PUHA shop
Bracelet: Karin Wichers